Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On your toes

Since I've been here on the coast of Oaxaca heres a little of what natures like for us. Earthquake? Earthquake!
I am up and out of whichever building, chair, or bed I may have been in, outta there. I don't know why but my instinct is to get outside, like fully out of the house/building- ha... And all around outside we've got lovely swaying palms with coconuts just dying to drop.
Well anyways, whether it's 3pm, 2am, or 9pm whatever, I am like the human earthquake detector. For real.  It could seem like or be the smallest of quakes but I can feel it when it comes and others think I'm crazy! For those of us that actually go to sleep earlier, the majority of the quakes happen while we are in the bed tucked in with sleep tempting us. Not for long anyways because I hop out of that thing like its on fire.  Two nights ago we had a little guy, not too fierce but then this morning we had a big fellow. Like big. Again my desire was to get out, you know like just in case the cement roof decides to fall but I stayed inside the house waiting for the family to come out too...
No one else came out of the rooms or "evacuated" nah, non of dat. These people sure can sleep! They never feel ANYTHING while sleeping. So while I stood out in the kitchen (quake still going) watching the kitchen shelving sway and hearing the dishes clank around, after watching the momma duck and her babies lined behind her out the window, finally it chilled. And I did too.
Where I'm from in California there are earthquakes.  Well since living here we've had more- on the stronger side- earthquakes in this one year than my Californian life.

So it's exciting, keeping me on my toes. Alert and ready (well sort of).

Maybe this is how we are always called to be/act. Not overly fearful but alert, on our toes for the coming. Not slow. Not sleepy. Awake.

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