Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spelling contest!

Our annual spelling contest was on Thursday the 25th or April! My class consisted of three levels: level 1-Milagros and Antonio looked at a picture and signed what it was, Level 2- Yahir Alexis and Juan Jose did word recognition, and Juan Jose, Level 3 Leticia, Isabel, and Ruben - I would sign a word to them and the had to finger spell the word to me. Winners were Antonio, Juan Jose, and Isabel. They all did great... I am proud of them all for their great attitudes whether or not they won. The rest of the school also did awesome! The other classes were at a higher level of spelling difficulty and also did awesome! I am amazed at these kids! They came here with little or no language and now are able to communicate, memorize words, even to read and write! God is so stinkin big and can work in any and all lives. I cant wait to see how God will use the kids that want to live for Him. There are no limits...

Pictures from my class:

Please pray with me that God raises up leaders here,Christ following leaders for the Deaf. Praying that our God grows leaders to go boldly out with the love Christ has lavished on us. Go to their neighbors, families and to the entire world and share this unfailing, unending, everlasting love. Praying that they will be willing to go where the Lord leads.

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