Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is January! Can you believe that? Wow, time is not waiting around it is flying bye. I should not be wasting any of it... we have such a short time here on Earth compared to where we'll be for eternity.

And it has been good! It is not easy, not always fun, but so so good. I am learning so much everyday while being totally open with my Creator and daily surrendering myself... sharing all I am with Him and knowing He knows me better than I know myself! He has always known me!
El Roi is teaching me the whole way, in and through it all. Oh, I am falling and it is beautiful. This relationship, this grace that I have been given...He is beauty. Pouring out and overflowing grace. I am seeing His love in so many different new ways. I pray that He never stops teaching me and growing me.

My free day here changed from Saturdays to Thursdays. Also for the month of February I will be helping out in the girls dorm every Thursday and my free day will be on Sundays.
On Friday the 25-Sunday I get to go to San Diego to have a little break and go to Skyline Church!

Will you pray?
For integrity
For all of our students here at RSM to have integrity flowing out of their beings.
Something not so fun...
A few weeks ago Robin (one of our teachers here (and momma of 6) entered my classroom around 4pm to gather snacks for her class and found one student in the corner of my classroom with my personal computer... & lets just say he wasn't playing any solitaire. He tried to hide from her and then ended up telling her and the dorm dad David that he just wanted to read one of my books and in fact was reading. Well thats not what Robin saw when she walked in and that is definitely not what the computer showed. Meanwhile I was on a walk getting oranges about to go to my classroom to plan and prepare for the next school day... heading up to my class I saw both David and Robin and they told me what had happened. So we got my computer clean and protected & the boy for sure got punished for many reasons, and now I double check that my classroom is LOCKED. I really don't know if the door was locked or not... normally I do lock it but easily I could have forgotten. The important thing I learned out of this (besides making sure all is locked) is that we need to be praying. Praying constantly for anyone we know that does not know God, who doesn't know their Savior King, & the love He has for us. The boy wont feel bad for doing wrong things, stealing, or lying until he knows Truth. I'm praying that he can know His love, feel Him clearly and run to Him.
So... I am here praying for salvation and integrity especially in this specific boys life but also in all of our kids.

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