Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Los Niños

Written Sept. 24, 2012

Hey all!

What is God doing in your lives?! I really would love to know, the past few days I have had the chance to just sit and listen to people talk. They talked about their struggles, pain, miracles, and just how awesome God is and how they are seeing Him move. Anything you need prayer for?

 I realized I have not yet talked about my class or anything that has been happening here! Sorry about that!
Well let me tell you about today, today was an joyful day. This day that God made was hot (fall has not not not not started here in the Guadalupe Valley) and exhausting but so much to be thankful for! Started off the day in my class room at 6:45 am to prepare for class. In chapel we talked about the 5th day of creation the birds and sea animals so we colored a scene of many fun animals. Then all the papers I put onto the window to decorate the class room, I think they really enjoyed seeing their work on display.
So far in each school day we do chapel, basic skills, bath room break, calendar, playing, math, signing, more playing and in a few weeks we will do science/ art fun.
I have noticed that I plan a lot and most does not get done in one class time... we'll see how it goes as the year moves on.
I wish I could remember everything the kids do in each day, some of the things make you laugh and gag. With everything they bring me so much joy.

More about my kiddos!
In my class, the Kindergarten, we've got Yahir, Milagros, Juan Jose, Antonio, Alexis, Isabel, Leticia, and Ruben! Count them, thats eight... eight crazies! Alexis, Isabel, and Leticia are siblings that God brought here from a state in Mexico ( I think) called Queretaro. The sweetest kids that love each other and are happy despite the difficult life they have. They flew here with their mom and another awesome woman whose name is Marisela (that will be here with the kids this whole year) September 1st. Their mom was here until the 18th of September just to make sure all was fine. Marisela is staying here all year because God has shown here that she is to start another school where she lives... Queretaro. She is learning how to communicate with Mexican Sign Language, how to teach, dorm life and so much more. Then in June she is going back and going to apply what she has learned and make changes necessary for that environment and specifically what God has in mind for that state. Marisela and I sit together in the chow hall . She is now also a Spanish teacher haha... and a great person to talk to with great wisdom and Gods love flowing out. Leticia is 17 years old, Isabel is 14 years old, and Alexis is 6 years old. Leticia and Isabel are with Katie in the girls dorm and Alexis is living in Everett household this year because the dorm would be too crazy for the little guy. Ruben is a new student also this year, he is one of the older students in the class but is such a big help with the little guys. Antonio was actually here 2 years ago but did not return last year... then randomly showed up here ready to learn! The other three: Yahir, Milagros, and Juan Jose are returning kids that God has brought back for another year! Praise God for knowing us and loving us specifically.
Ill post pictures of all the kids soon!

If you could keep me in your prayers it would mean so much and really it truly makes a difference... pray for us to have His Kingdom at Rancho Sordo Mudo, the only thing that matters- to reflect Jesus and give the glory to our God in everything this is not our home this is not forever! 
Also prayer that all my financial support comes in for the year. Thanks to all of you that have joined in what our Creator is doing in Mexico with the Deaf.
Are you interested in the same things that God is interested in?
"Behold, I will do a new thing, 
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19

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