Thursday, April 12, 2012

ranch update

Lately I have not posted much about things going on here at Rancho Sordo Mudo.. whoops
well here is an update.

The past few months its been warm enough to take walks, in the evening ,with the kids. Our walks are awesome here, honestly i've never been so excited just to walk around. Here at the ranch we have many different kinds of trees. There are olive, lemon, blood orange and normal orange, and grapefruit trees. Also there is sugar cane and recently i've heard were trying to grow our own miniature grape vines. Ive never had such an easy access to an orange before.  I walk out my apartment, go down to the orchard and grab one straight off the tree... I'd say thats fresh.  For me, down under the trees is a great place to prayer walk. So many animals hide out around there in the tall grass and weeds also in some of the trees birds will fly out in front of you.

One of our recent walks

Well if you haven't noticed it is Spring! Or in Spanish Primavera! Recently my class has been learning about Spring and all that comes with it. The story we read in class was Es la Primavera!  Rain is awesome, but my class has been so eager for warm weather. Its nice coming to class without having to wear gloves, scarfs and beanies. During the winter all five classes got to share one heater... lets just say we did a lot of jumping-jacks to keep cozy.
Eliezer, Sheley, and Emiliano

Oh! Also a dorm mom Katie is really into cooking and trying new things. I like testing all her awesome creations. Just yesterday we had an all girl tea party. It was great! With real tea cups, tea, saucers, sugar cubes, scones and everything. Katie and Serafina made the foods, so good! One thing Katie made was Lime and coconut mousse for the scones. It defiantly looked like a creamy guac, but tasted like lime. Well after we all talked, ate, and drank Katie told us that really she put avocado in it. But it tasted awesome! So my point is Katie is not afraid to try new things. Well about a month ago Katie tells me that the roosters she has been raising are ready to kill and eat. So that is exactly we did. OK...OK I did not kill them, I did take loads of pictures. The killing was an interesting experience. Poor things the machete that was used was not exactly sharp so it took a few wacks. Eventually Katie cooked them and ate them.

bye bye

Evan killin Roosters like its no big deal...

just a little dead

Spiritual Support
 So if you ever want to know what you can do or how you can support us here... the biggest thing we need is prayer. So much. Oh boy I could make a list of things or people to pray for. Its constantly needed for this place to keep functioning. Pray pray pray. For staff that were born and raised here in Mexico and now are paid staff-pray for joy to continue serving even when exhausted and weak.  For the directors- Eyes fixed on Jesus, for constant joy, wisdom, strength, and patience. For the teachers- to have patience and to abide in God as teachers and that all that comes out is from Him, to have joy with our job and serve willingly. For our staff that serves by supporting and by doing whatever needs to be done- joy from the Lord when tired and exhausted, to remember who were serving. For the interns- to want to keep learning and to have patience with the kids, for their future decisions of where to go or what to do next. And whatever God brings to mind, I ask that you please pray. So easy the devil wants to ruin this place. He cant stand what is going on. Pray for us to see that and to be firm! Not to be shaken. PRAY FOR THE KIDS!!! If you want to know them by name or have a picture just let me know. They need prayer just as much!  God wants to use them and is, right now. Pray for the kids who will be leaders to step up. There is a lot of hurt in their lives and so much pain. The things some of them have gone through is insane for a 6 year old boy or a 13 year old girl. They all need prayer.
     God is up to something amazing. And I cannot wait!

Sheley, Karen, and Esmeralda

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