Friday, December 23, 2011


And today was the start of winter break! 
I love waking up an hour later than normal and getting to enjoy not just watch the kids but play with them.  Its nice for me to not have to always be correcting them but instead teach them through our actions.
Today we had a Foosball tournament then tomorrow soccer. Everyday we get to do something different with the kids.

A group that was here gave us staff a party and served us food...American food. Steak,potatoes, broccoli and other goodies. Here is a picture of our table 

Staff dinner and some family of staff

And these pictures below are from chapel class. We have it every Wednesday. Here are just two of the kids! Plus me.

Jaime and his Bible

Celeste and her Bible. Signing Dios

Hola that's me & one of Serafinas new Bible picture books for kids( she got a ton). Totally awesome.

Please be praying for all of us... those who are sick and like me that feel it comin on.

Rest is a good thing.

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