Friday, October 7, 2011

We Had A Play

On Friday our class did a play...   Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, ¿Qué Ves Ahí
It was a very fun entertaining day.
        After doing our daily routine: Chapel, Bano/Agua, Prayer, Calender, stretch/exercise, chit chat (where one kid at a time comes and sits at the front of the class and signs whatever he or she wants for 1 minute).  Then we filed into the chow hall and made sugar cookies! We had the kids pour the ingredients into the bowl, stir it all up, and perhaps sneak a bite. :) We made the cookies for all the people and other kids coming to watch our play.
         Before the play started we practiced a few times all the kids parts. All of the kids had their own masks ( they made themselves) and each kid was a different animal! They got really excited and some nervous as it was starting. They did great, they were super adorable and everyone enjoyed it. The day was very fun filled.

Making cookies!

add a lil m&m


                                                                     Our fun little play

         I have to say there is never a normal day in our class.  It is always new and I never know what to expect but I like it that way! Already the kids have grown so much from the start of school not knowing any sign or having a language. Everyday has its own ups and downs and full of crazy emotions. All I can pray is that they learn to love and see that we want to help them to be able to express and communicate. I pray that they see You, Heavenly Father, through us. Show me how to love like You.

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