Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The love of Christ!

"Your sense of weakness, of your unworthiness, of your fearfulness, is no proof against you, but rather for you. The sense of all this is permitted to manifest the greatness of Christ’s condescension — and to fill you with gratitude towards him for loving one so sinful as you are.

Your doubts may rob you of your comfort — but they shall not deprive you of your title to Heaven. Your fears may distress you — but they shall never separate you from the love of Jesus. Your weakness may alarm you — but it will never cause Jesus to reject you.

Remember — your doubtings and questionings things dishonor Jesus. Therefore lift up your prayer against them; make use of every means that is calculated to destroy or suppress them; and never, as you value your peace or the Savior’s honor, never by any means encourage them. He loves you — but not your doubts, your fears, or your misgivings. For these he will reprove you — but cannot cease to love you."

— James Smith

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