Wednesday, August 24, 2016


"A $225 discount is given to all students in 1st and 2nd year who pay their full tuition by first day of registration."
**I am 19 days away from the first day of school and I have only $1,725 to go!
****THIS LINK will direct you so you can GIVE. Pray, think about it and sow in. :)…
That is SUCH a great goal. And fundraising and community is such
great support! (And if you'd like to know more before, ask me questions!) Thank you all who have already given and continually give.

2. I got my Revival Group Pastor for this year at BSSM.
His name is Richard Gordan and he and his wife are both Pastors. They are from South Africa ans have already gone through the School of ministry.  I cant wait to get to be with all these peps! Its going to be great.

(BSSM is a large school with over 1200 students in 1st Year. To meet the desire to have an intimate and personal experience for every student, even as our numbers grow, we have developed Revival Groups. Each year we divide our student body into groups of approximately 65 students who are personally pastored by one of our Staff Pastors for the entire school year.
Revival Group Pastors (RGP’s) meet weekly with their Revival Groups to build community, discuss and impart core values and activate students in personal revival. These times are key for pastors and students to more intimately stay connected with each other and a core group of students who encourage each other on a personal level. Revival Group Pastors also have interns who attend and help with Revival Groups and personally meet with students throughout the year to support and encourage.)

3. I am starting to really get plugged in with BOTH the Deaf/sign language community and Latino/Spanish speaker community here in Redding. I am looking to work with BOTH while I am here. So Pray for that special job just for me! 
That's all for now! Love you guys! Thanks for keeping updating, sharing and caring.

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